मौनं , कालविलम्बः च,प्रयाणं, भूमीदर्शनम् |
भृकुट्यन्यमुखी वार्ता नकारः षड्विधः स्मृतः ||

- गप्प बसणे (दुर्लक्ष करणे) , वेळ वाया घालवणे (काम वेळेत न करणे) , (मुद्दाम) दुसरीकडे निघून जाणे , जमिनीकडे बघत रहाणे (काळजीत पडल्यासारखे दाखवणे ) , भुवया चढविणे (रागाचा आव आणणे) आणि दुसरयाशीच बोलत रहाणे (वेळ नाही असे दर्शविणे) ,नकार दाखविण्याचे हे सहा प्रकार आहेत.

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mannab म्हणाले...

Sharad Pawar has also another way to express "No". I think it is the modern way of his.

अनामित म्हणाले...

भृकुटिः च अन्यमुखी वार्ता नकारः षड्विधः स्मृतः

भृकुट्यन्यमुखी वार्ता नकारः षड्विधः स्मृतः ॥

The internet hosts an amazing amount of Sanskrit text, and a few simple searches should show you the correct words more often than not. Please remember that an overwhelming majority of Saubhashita-s are either in 8-varNa Anushtubh or 11-varna Indravajraa, and pay attention to lekhan-shuddhataa. Else your blog will become asanskritaanubhav. भृकुटिः च अन्यमुखी वार्ता is just too many words and it should raise a red flag at once. I know very little Sanskrit but it is possible to try to reduce errors based on other skills.

- Naniwadekar

आश्लेषा म्हणाले...

@Naniwadekar - thanks again for the correction. I had referred a book on shubhashite for this one and it shows this subhashit the same as I had put. Thus I am a bit confused now. The book that I referred is by vi.kru.shrotriya.

mannab म्हणाले...

I could remember that last or before that year, one learned chemical engineer shri. Ashok Bhandarkar has compiled more than 300 sanskrit subhaashite with their meaning in a book. He has done all this out of his love towards the Sanskrit. at age around 65, he has excellent memory. You may contact him.If you need his contact tel.no. pl let me know. I will have to search. Regards.
Mangesh Nabar

आश्लेषा म्हणाले...

धन्यवाद mannab , मी नक्कीच तुमच्याशी संपर्क साधेन.